CCPT Formation


Dr. Abhang Prabhu and Prof. Ravi Seshan started their private tuitions with just 15-20 students in 2000 and gave excellent individual results.

Likewise Prof. Kiran Parchure, Prof. Avinash and Prof. Santosh Yadav were also giving excellent results but as individual subject teachers.

Reasons for coming together:

🔸It was realised that all the professors were competing within their subject marks. But what students needed was not excellence in one subject but rank in the state.

🔸Timetable were to be coordinated to avoid time clashing.

🔸Examination and exhaustive tests were to be conducted in the same pattern within the same roof.

This led to joining hands and formation of CCPT to coach all subjects under one roof with a clear mindset to serve society by providing best education system for entrance examinations.

In its very first year, CCPT gave state toppers in both Medical and Engineering State Entrance Examination 2016.